Night Shift & Happy Hour

Today was my last day of bartending. It’s bittersweet. Exactly one year ago naive and quiet me began working at The Last Resort. I wouldn’t speak unless spoken to; I kept my opinions to myself. Bartending was horrifying at first. I had to serve drinks to people who were nearly double my age and older. They’ve been around; they know their beer. How was I, eighteen-year-old barely … Continue reading Night Shift & Happy Hour

Alice, Did You Know?

It’s the smell of seasoned artifacts. Hundred-year-old heirlooms and porcelain ornately arranged in every crevice of the building. Walking through the foyer, the old walls and wooden floor creak with the settling frost – the welcoming murmurs of the museum’s matron, Alice T. Miner. Its size is daunting; it seems impossible that the 19th century stone building houses 17 rooms. The narrow hallways open to large vaulted … Continue reading Alice, Did You Know?