Honey, Tea & Sleep

“How To Not Look American” – I had read plenty of how-to blogs on annihilating American stereotypes and blending in with the locals. I had never been out of the country before, well, unless you consider Canada. I can phrase that better: I had never been overseas. I ignorantly devoured the articles, and my paranoia rose a few notches. How was I to know better? Every blog preached the impossibility of masking my Americanness. They can smell it (all right, no one actually said that)!

Wok&Go is a godsend for those lazy days ❤

No matter how you look at it, I was born and raised for 19 years in the States. I’m not going to wash it all away over night. The biggest shocker has been the knowledge of being a foreigner. People stare on the street, in restaurants and at stores when they hear our accent. Wait…I have an accent!? That, in itself, is weird. Sometimes I catch myself saying certain things with British flare.

This week has been relatively quiet and uneventful. Unfortunately, Manny, Cassidy and I are infected with The Sickness – coughing, cramps, headaches and a wicked sore throat. So much for my vitamin C tablets! Tea ‘n honey, lozenges, yoghurt, Paracetamol caplets and a loving relationship with my bed have consumed much of my time this week. I honestly don’t think I have slept this much since I’ve been in England.

The most entertainment I’ve had the past week was doing laundry, and I loathe doing the laundry. Even if the washing and drying machines do all the work! It takes 34 minutes for the wash cycle and another 50 minutes to dry. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time at the on-campus laundromat.

On the plus side, my desire to read is back! When I’m not reading my Phonetics textbook (okay, I haven’t actually read it yet) or Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, I’m pouring myself into The Shack by WM. Paul Young.

Meatloaf Monday…or Was It Wednesday?

We walked to the big big Tesco to do our shopping for the next week or two (realistically, we shop every week because we like to eat). I was in a cooking mood and craving meatloaf. We bought a crapload of groceries and waddled home, hauling back two bags stuffed with my masterpiece-to-be’s ingredients. Cass and I conquered the kitchen and prepared a brilliant dinner – meatloaf, potatoes and all! We invited virus host Manny over so he didn’t have to cook (once again contaminating ourselves). Any who, the meal was amazing! pats myself on the back

Sam’s Ass-Kicking Meatloaf

^^ Mom’s Famous Meatloaf on Pinterest

I changed the recipe slightly, mostly because I didn’t have the same ingredients.

Didn’t get a pic of the entire loaf – we were too hungry 🙂

Loaf Ingredients

• 1 lb. turkey burger (slightly leaner than beef)

• 1/4-ish cup of light soy sauce (See a pattern? I’m trying to be healthy!)

• Whole onion (dice to the best of your ability) We don’t have a cutting board or sharp knife, so the onions are rather large and in charge. I peeled and sliced the onion with my hands and a butter knife on a slab of aluminum foil. 🙂

• Chopped celery (one medium stick)

• Clove of garlic (you can’t have too much!)

• Basil, Parsley & Italian Seasoning

• 2 eggs (that they don’t refrigerate)

• 1/3-ish cup of ketchup

• 1-ish cup of quick oats

Meatloaf and boiled potatoes ❤




Sauce Ingredients

• 1/4-ish cup of Stevia light brown sugar

• 1/4-ish cup of ketchup

• 3-ish tablespoons of mustard

• Toss in some basil & pepper

I threw all the loaf ingredients into a large plastic mixing bowl and tossed it around with my bare hands (yes, I washed them before). When it was mixed well enough, I flopped the hunk of meat into a tin and drizzled the sauce on top. It baked in its own juices for a solid hour; the sauce caramelized perfectly. Voilà! There you have it – Sam’s Ass-Kicking Meatloaf!

** You may notice that my measurements are not at all accurate. I just guesstimated everything and hoped for the best!

A Morning at Hanky Panky Pancakes

Pistachio Ice Cream, Mango and White Chocolate Sauce for Breakfast – YUM!

We rolled our sick bodies out of bed and managed to shower. After a 20-minute walk, we found Hanky Panky Pancakes and settled in a booth/chair arrangement for a nice breakfast. Of course, I simply had to drink an Americano (with warm milk to boot)! We decided to go with a Sweet pancake rather than Savory (we’ll get that next time). The pistachio ice cream, mango and white chocolate sauce pancake is called Bollywood Babe. Delicious! After devouring our food and listening to some rockin’ 80s music, we bought Manny a stack of blueberry pancakes to go and headed home.

We’re sick ‘n tired and nearly bedridden. But in less than a week we’ll be in Ireland. ❤ We just need to get through this week of lectures and get better because, before you know it, we’ll be ‘northbound and down’ on our way to Dublin. Guinness Factory and Blarney Stone, here we come!

13 thoughts on “Honey, Tea & Sleep

  1. Ireland bound !!!

    Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation
    determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. ( My girl you are doing it!)
    Love ya-the Bo’s

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice!! Enjoy your ingenuity with the meatloaf….it seems you were paying attention when your Mom was making meatloaf..lol!!! Do hope you are feeling better. Thank you for another great chapter. 😊


    1. Thank you, Barb!! 🙂 The meatloaf is great. I can’t preach it enough. Then again, I’m always down for meatloaf and potatoes. I’m going to take plenty of pictures in Ireland with an accompanying blog post!!


  3. For not having so much going on you still kept me so captivated! And stop it, I know what your thinking…mom goggles. You have a wonderful talent for writing! Love you baby girl!😘

    Liked by 1 person

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