All Aboard the Little Blue Bus

Scotland will forever be my first solo trip as a young independent woman. It was liberating. I made the 20-minute walk to the Chester train station at 5 a.m. to catch my Manchester Airport train. Well, it wasn’t that easy; there were a few connections. Chester —> Crewe —> Manchester Piccadilly —> Wilmslow —> Manchester Airport Before England, I had never traveled by train. I had … Continue reading All Aboard the Little Blue Bus

Hooker, Turd & Tree

I figure with such an abrasive title, I should probably get to the point quickly. These are Irish terms, well the first one is. “Turd” and “tree” are cheeky plays on the Irish accent. Firstly, a hooker is a traditional fishing boat in Galway, Ireland. Why, what were you thinking? The lot of us Australians and Americans burst out laughing when our Galway tour guide casually … Continue reading Hooker, Turd & Tree

Honey, Tea & Sleep

“How To Not Look American” – I had read plenty of how-to blogs on annihilating American stereotypes and blending in with the locals. I had never been out of the country before, well, unless you consider Canada. I can phrase that better: I had never been overseas. I ignorantly devoured the articles, and my paranoia rose a few notches. How was I to know better? Every blog preached … Continue reading Honey, Tea & Sleep