Hindsight is 20/20

Everything is easier to see in hindsight. Ultimately, mistakes happen whether or not it’s an article or a picture that slipped through the editorial process. Rolling Stone’s Sabrina Elderly made multiple errors that broke journalist fundamentals – the basics. What makes a legitimate story are the people. When a story is based off of one source who fails to deliver facts about the account of a rape … Continue reading Hindsight is 20/20

Double Standards

I was Googling women empowerment magazines and somehow stumbled upon Lone Wolf – “an independently published fashion magazine for ambitious women working in creative fields.” According to the Lone Wolf’s online magazine, they are “a new breed of style publication that strives to be a creative refuge for our readers. The goal is to clear the clutter and offer a curated, positive and enlightening reading experience … Continue reading Double Standards

Progress, Equality and Google

I did it – I’m using an article from a print magazine. I didn’t go out and buy one fresh off the shelf; it’s hot out of the mailbox.  I flipped through the pages, highlighted and everything! I’m a yearly subscriber to TIME because my high school teacher gave current events quizzes every week, and I never unsubscribed, so the magazine was just lying on my … Continue reading Progress, Equality and Google

Nat Geo Photojournalist

A journalist cliche: a struggling college student aspires to write for National Geographic, traveling the world, taking pictures and living as a nomad. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime; unfortunately, it’s a career I’m not going to jump into fresh out of college. I will climb the mountain; I will cry blood and sweat tears. Mark my words, one day I will work for National Geographic. It’s only … Continue reading Nat Geo Photojournalist

It’s All in the Eye of the Beholder

Is anything better than chic boho-fashion with your mom? According to Disfunkshion Magazine, of course not. Mother-daughter duo, Elisa Goodkind and daughter Lily Mandelbaum, created a new fashion blog, StyleLikeU, which “combats the current state of the fashion industry. To them, style is neither wearing the ideal brands or trends, nor is it simply mirroring the products being marketed to consumers, it is, ‘a symbol of your … Continue reading It’s All in the Eye of the Beholder