Alice, Did You Know?

It’s the smell of seasoned artifacts. Hundred-year-old heirlooms and porcelain ornately arranged in every crevice of the building. Walking through the foyer, the old walls and wooden floor creak with the settling frost – the welcoming murmurs of the museum’s matron, Alice T. Miner. Its size is daunting; it seems impossible that the 19th century stone building houses 17 rooms. The narrow hallways open to large vaulted … Continue reading Alice, Did You Know?

Hindsight is 20/20

Everything is easier to see in hindsight. Ultimately, mistakes happen whether or not it’s an article or a picture that slipped through the editorial process. Rolling Stone’s Sabrina Elderly made multiple errors that broke journalist fundamentals – the basics. What makes a legitimate story are the people. When a story is based off of one source who fails to deliver facts about the account of a rape … Continue reading Hindsight is 20/20

Double Standards

I was Googling women empowerment magazines and somehow stumbled upon Lone Wolf – “an independently published fashion magazine for ambitious women working in creative fields.” According to the Lone Wolf’s online magazine, they are “a new breed of style publication that strives to be a creative refuge for our readers. The goal is to clear the clutter and offer a curated, positive and enlightening reading experience … Continue reading Double Standards

Progress, Equality and Google

I did it – I’m using an article from a print magazine. I didn’t go out and buy one fresh off the shelf; it’s hot out of the mailbox.  I flipped through the pages, highlighted and everything! I’m a yearly subscriber to TIME because my high school teacher gave current events quizzes every week, and I never unsubscribed, so the magazine was just lying on my … Continue reading Progress, Equality and Google

Nat Geo Photojournalist

A journalist cliche: a struggling college student aspires to write for National Geographic, traveling the world, taking pictures and living as a nomad. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime; unfortunately, it’s a career I’m not going to jump into fresh out of college. I will climb the mountain; I will cry blood and sweat tears. Mark my words, one day I will work for National Geographic. It’s only … Continue reading Nat Geo Photojournalist